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Pets Pass It On

Post from The OLIO team

With 78% of pet owners worried the cost of living crisis will have a negative impact on their animals, there’s never been a better time for us to all do our bit by helping our fellow pet-loving OLIOers.

Pet parents all around the nation are adding their spare pet accessories, grooming tools, toys, and surplus pet food to OLIO, as part of the Pets Pass It On campaign. We’re all on a mission to reduce the surplus that our furry, scaly, slippery, and feathery friends create, and bring joy to other pets and their parents – ‘paws’ it on and feel great!

There are also two cash prizes up for grabs - all you need to do is add one or more pet items (more listings means more chances) and you could win £100 cash!* 💰

>>Go to the OLIO mobile app and share pet goodies now<<

🚨Recently shared pet items🚨

Still need some more inspo? Take a look at some of the pet items shared so far…

Shared by Vanessa

"Hamster food, treats & vitamins"

Requested in 2 days 7hrs 58 minutes 🐹

"Medium / large dogs bed"

Shared by Katrina

Requested in 4 minutes 🐶

"Pedigree denture sticks x5"

Shared by Karen

Requested in 11 minutes 🐾

"Fish tank and accessories"

Shared by Ashley

Requested in 10 minutes 🐠

>>Go to the OLIO mobile app and share pet goodies now<<

Animal loving amigos 🤝

We’re in partnership with ManyPets, a pet insurance provider on a mission to make the world a better place for pets and their parents. They’ve won awards for their customer service with policies that continue to lead the pack, designed to meet the needs of pets and pet parents. We know that a surprise vet bill can be a worry – especially in the current climate. For the next two weeks they’re offering a paw-fect welcome gift, exclusive to OLIOers, so if you’re looking to get your pet covered, check out their range of policies by getting a quote here.

Don't have pet items to share? If you aren’t a pet owner, you can still support our drive by sharing with someone else. If a friend, family member, or neighbour has an animal at home, let them know about the campaign, so they can get involved.

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